With influences as diverse as John Zorn, Medeski Martin and Wood, and Tin Hat, Sefrial is the brain-child of rising star Sophie Stockham.

With a saxophone-heavy front line featuring the energy and lyricism of Sophie’s alto, complemented by the unmistakeable sound and brilliance of Jake McMurchie on tenor, groove and invention is provided by the chief composer Matt Brown on drums, under-pinned by the warm sound of Greg Cordez on bass. The band is completed by the distinctive Joe Wilkins on guitar, who blends the blues and energy of Jimi Hendrix with the subtlety of Bill Frisell or Marc Ribot.

Expect distinctive original compositions that owe as much to alt-rock and americana as jazz.

BBC Introducing

“Sefrial are sugar-gold-diamond-encrusted magic”

Charley Dunlap – Listomania

“It is not Jazz-Rock, yet it is a jazz rock that you would never guess by other bands that have been subject to the much abused term. Sefrial are exciting, to the mind and body both, and well worth a visit.”

Tony Benjamin – Bristol 247

“Sefrial has a strong musical identity.”